After-sales Service and Support

After-sales service is performed with a lot of heart to ensure you complete satisfaction. Our business philosophy is based on the premise that we should treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated, and it is applied to the letter by each member of the after-sales service’s team.

Continuing training is given to all our qualified technicians so that our team is always on top of things. This also allows the next generation to quickly accumulate indispensable know-how from qualified individuals. We believe it’s thanks to initiatives like this one that rank us among the Quebec businesses with the best after-sales service. We make every effort to earn your trust.

After you’ve visited one of the ALBI’s dealerships, a member of the ALBI’s after-sales service team will do a brief follow up with you. This is another initiative to make sure everything is going well with your vehicle. We’ll also take the opportunity to tell you about our new promotions.

In order to provide you with efficient after-sales service, we maintain our state-of-the-art equipment with precision. We provide a whole range of repairs, from routine maintenance to accessory installation, body work and major repairs. We work hard to continue to deserve the title of CarrXpert body work specialists, year after year.

Come in to ALBI Nissan Île-Perrot so that you, too, can enjoy our exceptional after-sales service.